How E-Board Meetings Can Be More Effective and Collaborative than Traditional Board Meetings

It would seem that for a business meeting, the direct presence of all participants in one physical space is necessary. But thanks to modern virtual technologies, online board collaboration is possible. This article will investigate the benefits of e-board meetings under the traditional format.

Board software for online meeting-modern business opportunities

The shortage of working hours for managers is currently one of the important problems of management. Management activities at the enterprise under consideration are carried out using documents simultaneously the organization’s source and result. Traditional document management in paper form has several disadvantages and significantly takes working hours. Managerial activities firmly include new, modern technologies, including electronic documents. The organization of the enterprise is increasingly related to such phenomena as the database and data bank, server, site, and portal, with the need to combine the usual paper documents and documents obtained using computers.

On the other hand, during the period of the Locdowns associated with pandemia, the popularity of video communications was rapidly increasing. After an unscheduled distance is experienced, we look at work processes differently. Remote work, like any other, requires constant coordination of general planned and unscheduled discussions. An online board meeting is a type of management activity in which many participants use the Internet to discuss decision-making on proposed issues.

In such conditions, companies should implement innovative digital solutions to set up work processes competently. Board management software is one such innovation. It is a cloud-based platform that ensures vast capabilities for executive bodies in organizing their managerial activity. On the board portal, we communicate with the help of built-in chat tools, plan events on the calendar, and work with the tasks. When using any working tool, it is necessary to distinguish and comply with the rules that systematize and discipline communication in the team.

Why do e-board meeting are more effective?

The specialized functionality of the board software is the possibility of organizing and conducting various kinds of meetings at which the agenda of the meeting is underway, tasks are set based on the results of the meeting, and based on the results of the completion of the tasks, the responsible contractor submits a report on their implementation to the system. Moreover, the system has developed relevant reports to control the execution of the tasks assigned at the meeting.

So, according to, the board meeting software automates all business operations during the board meeting life cycle by ensuring the following features:

  • systematization and standardization of document management of the company (processes and regulations of work laid down in the system are accepted, or procedures are refined following the regulations available in the organization);
  • the creation of a common information space and the implementation of all processes in a single system;
  • compliance with declared regulations for processing documents with the real state of affairs;
  • organization of legally significant electronic document management with counterparties;
  • ensuring automatic control over the timely execution of documents, instructions, and instructions of the management, operational receipt of information about the state of execution;
  • organization of quick search for documents on attributes or context. The possibility of searching for the situation;
  • development of the agenda, determination of participants, reservation of the premises, approval of the agenda, time and place of a meeting with participants, and sending out electronic letters with an invitation to participate in the meeting to employees of external organizations.