The board software is designed to organize an end-to-end process of work of collegiate bodies and control the implementation of the decisions of the meetings. This article will analyze the standard software features that help to improve board management.

Board software or how to streamline the Board of director’s activity?

Communication, an essential part of corporate culture, is changing in digitization. Thanks to new, digital ways, ideas and decisions can be communicated much faster today, and feedback can be obtained more directly than 20 or 30 years ago. More and more companies are working with or introducing digital tools. However, this often only happens at middle or lower management levels. The Board of directors should also be in no way inferior to the development; on the contrary: they must lead by example and rely on digital solutions, for example, that support their management workflows, accelerate them and make their communication more secure.

Management and supervisory boards have one thing above all – time. Thanks to secure and mobile devices and cloud-based services, it doesn’t matter where you are; so-called board management software meets the particular requirements of modern work in management bodies. A key advantage is that all members of the Board of directors have information – be it resolutions, minutes or reports – always at their fingertips via such software to ask the right questions and thus make better decisions. The software allows the boards to implement in the electronic document management system the functions of text recognition and to convert it into editable electronic formats (two-layer PDF document, Word, XML), which allows you to quickly fill out document cards when registering in the system by copying and pasting, and perform a full-text search for recognized attachments.

The leading board software solutions are:

  • Diligent
  • Boardeffect
  • Boardable
  • Wrike
  • Simbi
  • BoardPro
  • AzeusConvene.

You will find many offers if you are looking for the right collaboration software. Established solutions from prominent vendors are recommended because they are proven, widely used and have good support.

How much does a board portal cost?

The board portal pricing varies depending on the number of users, frequency of use, data storage size, level of consulting and support, and implementation costs. It’s best to have a solution that can scale with the number of board members or users without frequency, date, service or support constraints so that variable costs are known in advance. Quantifiable savings typically come from lower prices for printing, binding, courier services, and document destruction. 

What are the benefits?

  • Management of projects

The Board of directors benefits from collaboration software in many ways. Instead of communicating with each employee individually, announcements can be released centrally for everyone involved. In addition, progress can be documented and evaluated on request. Thanks to the clear user interface, the coordination of each project area works very efficiently – especially when many employees are involved. The individual participants can also manage their processes better since the appropriate tools provide an overview of the entire project, including all sub-areas, at any time.

  • Collaborative work

Board management systems allow you to store multiple versions of a single document. In addition to direct document changes, electronic document management systems will enable you to annotate documents and insert notes and comments on them without changing the document itself.

  • Ensuring privacy

An important feature of the software is the ability to sign documents using an electronic signature and encrypt them. It allows not only to confirm the document’s authenticity and unambiguously identify its author but also to ensure the security of storing corporate information.