Virtual Data Rooms is a handy program that provides a secure space to store and share documents which also provides additional features to optimize your business processes, but still, all vendors have their characteristics and directions according to which they select their target audience. In this article, we will talk about Box Virtual Data Room and the features it provides. We will highlight the main features, as well as the pros and cons.

Box Virtual Data Room – Overview

Box used to provide features for the general public on the Internet, allowing you to store and share your data in your space, so now when we use it, we can see some similarities to Google Drive or any other cloud space. But as it has evolved and improved, Box has evolved into what we now call a virtual data room.

Though it’s not focused solely on VDR services, it provides such an option on its list of services. The company was formed as we know it now back in 2005, and now provides features to simplify the company’s work and cooperation. Clients who have found Box VDR to be their ideal solution come from a variety of industries: non-profit, financial services, government agencies, health care.

The main features of Box Virtual Data Room

The main purpose of box virtual data room is to streamline and simplify collaboration between companies around the world, erasing the boundaries of the distance between them and improving communication and collaboration, even remotely. The provider is also open to innovations and is happy to provide them to its customers, and with 20 service centers worldwide, the company is ready to provide immediate and efficient support service. So, the main features of Box VDR are:

  • Constant backups – your data will always be intact, even if any threat or problem occurs, you can always restore the latest copy of your data
  • Audit Trail – provides the VDR administrator with a report on all the activities that take place within the space
  • Remote access and management – The flexibility of the space has no time, location, or device restrictions. You can do your work at home, on the road, or anywhere else where there is internet access
  • Encryption – The data room uses state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption to protect your data from leaks, both during communications and at rest
  • Communications – discuss important issues regarding your transactions in a secure environment
  • Task management – you can assign tasks to your employees right in the space, create separate rooms for projects and monitor the progress of the tasks
  • Document editing-edit a document in the space and it automatically syncs with its version on your desktop or elsewhere
  • Document conversion -when you upload and organize your documents, you don’t need to waste time formatting documents into the type that suits the space, it does it for you
  • Logo settings -the program interface offers you a customizable display that you can customize to match your company’s branding and logo

Pros and cons of BOX VDR

Like all software, Box provider has its pros and cons and now we will highlight the main ones.


  • Ability to learn how to use, webinars
  • It is supported by mobile applications of any mobile OS
  • There is a desktop version for Mac and Windows
  • Support is available at any time of the day and night
  • Attractive price and 14-day free trial
  • Tools to create watermarks


  • Linux OS is not supported
  • Does not provide the ability to control all users of the space
  • Has file size limitations, depending on your plan